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Welcome to our web site!

We are Darja and Aleksey. We live in Riga, the capital of Latvia, which is located on the coast of Baltic Sea. We have three chinese crested dogs, who live with us as our family members.

We got our first chinese crested dog Liza in 2006. Liza is very loveful, tender and betrayed girl. She likes to kiss, enjoys people's company and enjoys to be in the spotlight. She is a small girl, but with a strong position, obstinate, very active and energetic. We bought our first dog just to have a four-legged friend, but we started to visit dog shows with her and we liked it a lot!

After some time we decided to get a friend to for Liza... or maybe for us ;) This is why in 2008 we got our second girl Luna. Luna came to us already adult girl in the prime of life. Compared with Lisa, Luna is very calm, intelligent and obedient doggie, unobtrusive, but playful and loves to walk in any weather, in summer and in winter.

In 2009 we decided that it was right time for our Luna to have children. She was mated with beautiful hairless male Request and our little pearl Mika was born. She was the only puppy, the most lovable and adorable and we could not give her away. That's why we have now already three chinese crested girls!

We hope it would be interesting for you to read news about our dogs, see their pictures and their puppies. The web site is very new and it is planned to update it with a lot of information. We would be happy to know your opinion about our cuties and our web site in our guestbook.

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